Daily Savings

Looking for vision care that doesn’t cost the earth?

Find out about daysoft® lenses from just 20p per lens including FREE delivery!

From just 20p per lens, that’s 40p a day for a pair of daysoft® advanced daily disposable contact lenses, delivered for FREE.  Healthy vision each day for 40p, that’s 7 whole days of fresh lenses for the same price as your daily cappuccino!  Daysoft helps see you through the day.


Our pedigree? Over 1 billion daysoft® brand lenses sold worldwide…

For over 20 years the daysoft® brand has made contact lens vision correction the safest and most affordable for all. Unlike all other contact lens manufacturers and all other contact lens resellers, Daysoft are the first and only ‘design, make and supply’ contact lens company in the world – all of this proudly done right here in the United Kingdom. This unique model means you never have to pay all the ‘big brand, big price’ overheads with daysoft® - we offer everything you need; excellence in lens quality with our UKCA and CE marked brands, superb service and of course for almost two decades completely unmatched prices from our door to yours.


Our pricing…

We believe if you are paying more than Daysoft prices for your lenses you are paying too much… Like all businesses we are not immune to inflationary pressures, but unlike some others our first instinct is never to pass these costs onto you, our instinct and practice is to work hard to ensure you instinctively know that Daysoft will always mean best value.

Price increases are never welcome, but even for us with all our expertise they are sometimes unavoidable – our prices have increased by less than £1.35 for supply and delivery of each 1-month lens order since 2012…yes 2012…if you think any comparable product can beat that please let us know, at


Please see our price and delivery information pop up from the header bar for more information. 


And the earth...

We’re the environmentally conscious choice – daysoft® lenses are designed and manufactured in the UK, our lenses have a lower carbon footprint than those shipped from across the globe and our postal and lens packaging contains 25% recycled material and all our packaging is kerbside recyclable.  Enjoy life in focus with Daysoft!

You can SWITCH to Daysoft

See the comparison table below.

Manufacturer Brand Order size (months) Price per lens delivered Save this every month
Daysoft SILK or CLASSIC 6 20p
CooperVision Biomedics 1 day extra 6 40p £12
Bausch&Lomb Soflens Daily Disposable 6 40p £12
J&J Acuvue Trueye 6 107p £52
Daysoft SILK or CLASSIC 3 21p
CooperVision Proclear 1-day 3 43p £13
Alcon Cibavision Dailies aquacomfort plus 3 50p £17
Daysoft SILK or CLASSIC 1 23p
Bausch&Lomb Biotrue One Day 1 67p £26
CooperVision Clariti 1day 1 70p £28
J&J Acuvue Oasys 1 Day 1 80p £34
Alcon Cibavision Dailies total 1 1 90p £40

Bausch and Lomb, Johnson and Johnson, Alcon and Cooper Inc. brand prices checked 10/06/22 from and Vision Direct online.  

Daily wear savings based on two lenses per day.