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daysoft Silk

Our unique silk lens provides unrivalled comfort and moisturisation throughout the day.

daysoft Classic

For particularly sensitive eyes and allergy sufferers, our Classic lens doesn't contain added moisturisers - it's a simple saline solution.

Soft-edge Technology

daysoft® lenses have a unique Soft-Edge™ design and UV filters


daysoft® daily-disposable contact lenses are produced in the UK in one of the most technologically advanced contact lens laboratory in the world. We only make daily disposables because fresh, sterile lenses everyday is the healthiest and most convenient way to wear lenses.

Designed for healthy oxygen absorption

The eye absorbs all of the oxygen that it needs directly from the atmosphere

The contact lens design and material must allow enough oxygen flow to the eye

daysoft contact lenses allow the required amount of oxygen for normal daily wear

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Produced in the UK with unique technology

daysoft® technology is applied to every step of manufacture, distribution and wear... a completely integrated approach to give you unbelievable convenience, great comfort, superb vision and they offer you the safest way to wear lenses at an amazingly affordable price.

Rigorously regulated for your complete peace of mind

Contact lenses are a medical device and like all medical devices sold on the European market, daysoft lenses conform to international standards. All daysoft lenses are manufactured under the control of a certified Quality Management System, compliant with  BS EN ISO 13485:2016. All processes in the manufacture of our lenses are completed under one roof at our plant in Scotland.

How are we regulated?

Money Back Promise

If something is not quite right, please tell us about it. Our money-back promise has been running for over 10 years, so you know you can buy in full confidence.

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