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11 November 2023

I am pleased with them. I have been using daysoft for years now .


25 October 2023

I was very happy with the ordering process. It was easy and quick. Customer service were kind and helped me a lot when I had an issue with my address. The contact lenses are also great, easy to use and comfortable.

I am satisfied with my shopping experience and the product.

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01 September 2023

Perfect Thank you


12 August 2023

I think your product is wonderful, daysoft lenses are very comfortable. I am going to place a new order, I was waiting for my new exam and appointment which I recently had which changed my prescription slightly. So now I'll order.


12 July 2023

Your contacts are an awesome find. most lenses to Canada are super pricey, and these are much cheaper. I found your reviews on reddit and I’m so happy I did, thanks for everything. I’ll be back!


25 June 2023

I am indeed extremely satisfied with daysoft contact lenses and shall definitely be ordering again in future!


23 June 2023

I’m so thrilled that I found these lenses. I’m in America and there are strict rules around when and how I can get contacts. Placing my order with Daysoft was so effortless and the contacts fit perfectly. I’ll definitely be a returning customer.


03 June 2023

Super good and value for money


25 April 2023

I had Cataract operations in both eyes, and I don’t need them anymore. I only need reading glasses. That’s why I didn’t order but thank you for all the years that you gave me service and I’ve convinced many friends to order from you.

You’re reliable. Quick export. And the contact lenses are comfortable as if you have nothing in your eyes. I HOPE that I wouldn’t need contact lenses but your still and will stay on my Home Screen of my mobile. Thank you for your service and good product

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