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15 March 2023

I love your contacts! I tell everyone who wears contacts to order from daysoft. I have been your customer for 10+ years. I train Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which is a combat sport/grappling sport.

Most everyone who wears contact lenses cannot wear them during training because they fall out of the eye. Not your contacts. It might have happened to me once or twice in my 7+ years of training. THE BEST!

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19 December 2022

Amazing!! I’m truly grateful a company such as daysoft exists as my whole experience has been nothing short of just exceptional.

It was easy to place order, and when I had a question about my parcel the representative was quick to respond and very helpful not to mention cordial and friendly. I got my contacts and they feel incredibly comfortable. I will definitely be ordering my contacts solely from your company from now on. Thank you all so much!!!

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27 November 2022

Daysoft are the best lenses I've ever tried, have ordered them for several years now. The reason I found Daysoft was from searching for cruelty free lenses. Will order again soon.


24 November 2022

Excellent service and product. Keep up the good work!!


25 October 2022

I absolutely love daysoft, they are comfortable, no fuss packaging and cheap. What is not to love about them.


23 October 2022

Fabulous daysoft lenses, will tell anyone who will listen.


20 October 2022

Excellent lenses, excellent customer service, usually dispatched same day. We have used this company for 3 or 4 years and cannot fault them. Highly recommend.!


20 October 2022

I found the lenses very good, I don't wear them for everyday use (use my glasses), I only wear them when I'm out, so have loads left as I ordered 3 whole packs.


20 October 2022

I just wanted to say thank you very much for providing me with 20-ish years of quality, comfortable and affordable daily contact lenses.

I would have never been able to afford dailies if you guys didn’t exist! I have no need for them anymore though as I just recently had Lasik surgery! However, I will continue to let family, friends and colleagues know about daysoft.

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