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Ron Hamilton

Daily disposable contact lens inventor and founder of Daysoft

Please remember, Daysoft is the first and only integrated ‘design, make and supply-direct’ contact lens company in the world. All daysoft contact lenses are made in Great Britain and shipping direct from the end of our production lines with no middle-men means we can offer you lowest cost. Our Unifit lens design also ensures proven comfortable lens replacements for all leading brands with 600 million now sold into 92 countries-direct.

Please also remember, Daysoft’s unbeatable price,

from just 30¢ per lens with FREE shipping!


Ron Hamilton, CBE 
Daysoft Founder.

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Our Contact Lenses

Soft and comfortable

daysoft® contact lenses are made from modern soft materials and provide remarkable comfort.


Our lenses provide all the oxygen required for normal daily wear. Wear for a day, every day…the safest way to use contact lenses.

Technologically advanced

Continual investment ensures Daysoft remains one of the most technologically advanced contact lens manufacturers in the world.   


Switch to daysoft for daily disposable contact lenses at an unbeatable price

Increased comfort

With our Soft-Edge technology, you might not even realise you're wearing lenses.

Money Back Promise

We believe you'll love daysoft so much, we offer a full money-back promise.

Mailbox friendly packs

Our pack fits through your mailbox and online ordering couldn't be easier

Helpful videos

We've put together a video library of all things contact lenses. From the early days of Daysoft and a tour of our laboratory, through to advice on safer contact lens wear. We hope you find them useful.

10 second lens pack opening

The easiest way to open your contacts in just 10 seconds. It will ensure you don't damage lenses before placing them on your eyes.

Unboxing your lenses

Our pack is the quickest and easiest to open of any contact lens brand once you've watched the video. Get the knack here...

Oxygen and your Eyes

daysoft contact lenses deliver all the oxygen required for normal daily wear. Learn more about the science behind this subject.

Healthy Eyes

You might be surprised to hear that water and contact lenses don't mix. This video talks about safer contact lens wear.

The Daysoft Story

Back to the early days of Daysoft. In this video Ron explains his vision for daily disposables and the benefits of online supply.


Take a walk through the Daysoft laboratory and hear a bit more about how daysoft contact lenses are made.

"Just ordered an additional 3 month supply last Tuesday & they arrived on Thursday! The ordering process is simple, the lenses are comfortable and I haven't seen any competitors come close with price. Extremely happy!"

Money Back Promise

Our money-back promise has been running for over 10 years, so you know you can buy in full confidence.

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